Anger Dissolves; Love Abides

Love overcomes anger and hurt. But it’s not a given, it must be practiced.

That’s not some cheesy Hallmark sonnet, it’s how I feel, what I experienced.

After a rather rough weekend and earlier part of my week, I end on a high note called love.

Yeah, I know what I wrote about anger. Planning on writing about anger, somehow, within moments, love hit, it’s message enveloped, embraced my heart and I suddenly I am stronger. This strength, it is changing: more confident in my ability to cope, faith more imbedded.

That sweet old feline who passed away a week ago has helped my healing process. In doing so, I reached out to my girl – the devastation of losing her kitty, in that moment, all energy on her; HER pain, HER loss, HER sadness. The emails brief, I told her by remaining silent about this loss, so significant, is equivalent to not caring for my kiddo. She thanked me in response, the feelings of grief in full swing.

I shall back away for awhile now. She knows where I am. More than that, I took the step and revealed a bit of who I am now. That’s enough. Thus far, no other response, just silence. I am hopeful.

Time will help her breathe more freely, attain more peace. In time she will be OK. How does one know for sure? I’m her mom. I know my kid.


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Writing is for me, though sharing with others, is a gift.

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