Belief is in the Behavior

“What I believe is not what I say I believe; what I believe is what I do.
― Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality

Sometimes a quote jumps out, throws you to the ground and rattles your senses. The above quote by Donald Miller did just that today.

God (not Him) I think I’m really getting it. What I DO, how I LIVE life, this is what is changing in me. It is not what I say. My words, the words written here – the extension of HOW I have chosen to live my life.

For so long, a myriad of years, the focus on what to say, the explanation of my beliefs, thoughts and feelings came first. Behavior nary considered as it never occurred the two were joined together: there is little growth within until one begins to LIVE their beliefs. The hypocrisy of Christianity, always I’ve questioned. I have a greater understanding of why this bothers me so. How one says they believe in a God yet lives their life without a thought of WHY they believe, thus shown by the paradox of their actions.

I think I now understand this in terms of my affairs. It is difficult if not impossible to live a life of beliefs if one isn’t sure what one believes in. I never questioned my choice of having affairs because I didn’t THINK – I REACTED to the circumstances of my life. Belief starts with thought as is must. THOUGHT precedes everything else for how is one to know what to believe if one doesn’t think? There is freedom in thought. I am just discovering the beauty of this. The manifestation of my beliefs are shown in my behavior. There is so much more room for thought, new questions, more insight. The energy picks up, allowing me new opportunities to LIVE my life as I believe.


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