Embracing Imperfections

Such poetic justice. Yes, I am above it all now as I embrace the wonder of my imperfections. Let’s all raise a glass to such self-absorbed bullshit. For therein lies this: embrace the truth – YOUR truth. It is far more significant than thinly veiled superlatives.

What comes to mind and thought is acknowledging one’s imperfections does not equate greatness. We are all imperfect. If anything, it’s how we manifest and learn from our imperfection which is meaningful. Simple acknowledgment, while to be commended, does not build character nor change a person. The more I learn from my own imperfections as a human being the less bullshit I see in myself.

Poetic justice lies in behavior not in the bliss of language alone. I embrace my behavior of imperfection because I am changing my ways, making better decisions and realizing imperfection will not kill the person I am. Imperfection will not make me stronger either. Imperfection teaches me I am real, human and a vibrant person. This is what I embrace today.

What do you embrace this day or everyday in yourself?


About Carin

Writing is for me, though sharing with others, is a gift.

2 responses to “Embracing Imperfections

  1. I embrace the fact that I always have more to learn. When I think I’m an expert, it just means that I am ready for more lessons.

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