Love, Not Schmove

The power is not to simply love it is in DOING. So many times, loving seems easy, though when really mindful of what loving feels like, not gonna happen unless the deed is done, if you will.

No longer the cynical lover I once was, there is true joy in loving. It is not fake, it is inside, the direct resolve of doing the deed of loving. I read something quite profound about love. It is more beautiful than I can put into my own words, written by my daughter. And though I remain anonymous, I can’t bring myself to share her blog, her language, as I will wait to reconnect before that time. Simply writing about her is a beautiful thing….

I am LOVING my world here on WP. New discoveries of writers who inspire, make me think, the cause and effect of language so motivating and endearing to one’s soul. There is so much to learn, love and experience in life.

For now, it is this, John’s post on true love – a most timely post. Fuhgeddabout Valentine’s Day nonsense.  Love –  think and love EVERY day. ❤  

Ok, I’m gonna go back to my prancing in the meadow now….(I said no longer cynical, NOT sarcastic) 🙂

Love (& a Whitman’s Sampler).


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Writing is for me, though sharing with others, is a gift.

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