Closing a year, marriage…a new life opens.

Married: 1985
Divorced: 2012

The anticipation of such another major threshold as complete dissolution can not be ignored. Nor can it be completely embraced as one must come to their own finality, whether it be a single date, moment or one’s personal life event. No one can make that decision otherwise. Reflection and time are a mixed-breed, one aids the other, each joined in tandem as progress is made. For me, it is not so dramatic: a single date does not dictate an emotional response, it merely defines time, not how I feel at that moment. Knowing that WWll began in 1941and ended in ’45 is not the same as understanding the reasons, meaning and historical perspective of such an event far outweighs specific dates. The numbers are only a gage of when something happens, they are not the event itself.

The symbolism, particular dates, though significant, I am learning to move beyond these moments of time, concentrating more on the bigger picture, how the fragments are now coming together, more fluidity in their motion. I allow myself to move along with the changes happening, doing my best to not fight what makes me happy.

For the upcoming year, a renewed sense of self, of giving to others as a whole person, there is much to look forward to. Here’s to the blissfulness of life despite sorrow and pain. There is always room to grow, to heed solitude and peace. And in doing so, I am content.


About Carin

Writing is for me, though sharing with others, is a gift.

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