Soulful Mediation

Where to  begin? 

With discoveries anew, each mediation session proves once again, this shit ain’t nothing like I thought it would be. 

Insomuch one finds divorce ordinary, au contraire, much of divorce is that of extraordinary experiences. Perception takes its cozy place in the back seat, replaced with the gusto of reality, all within a tiny office space where three people meet, their intention of walking away not so much winners or losers; rather, to adhere this experience with a level of clarity, consciousness, compromise. This is my perception, this is who I am.  There are no monetary values of such and I remain baffled at what’s right and what’s wrong during the entire process of divorce; another blog post in the near future.

The handwriting is on the wall. Or in  this case, in a soon-to-be draft, the finality, the dissolution of a marriage through mediation, a journey of unexpected consequences, perceptions, isolation, self-propelled advocacy.

Living in the state of California, whereupon community property to be split in half, I leave my marriage of twenty-seven years, a more complete and whole person, embracing and reclaiming a life I’ve desired. To what extent I am not certain, only that my passion for living, merely an indication of what’s to come: the purest, loveliest, abundance of joy, a future of possibility garnered with self-respect, acceptance and the cleanest, deepest of breaths ever felt. I have yet to truly derive a freedom of great proportions and I am grateful for I am on the precipice of life beyond divorce. Self-discovery is mine to hold; the goodness, the frailties, the strengths, the imperfections, the beauty of a person’s soul, I am here.


About Carin

Writing is for me, though sharing with others, is a gift.

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