Thriving Through Pain On My Own Terms

Concentrate of what’s right in the world….

Perhaps it’s my positive nature, my way of looking at life as a half-glass full girl….

The pain runs deeply yet I can only concentrate on the love, for I love more deeply than the pain I feel.

Taking on Responsibility….

THIS is the task at hand. Not of blame, victim of circumstance, pity or piousness. Pain is ours alone. It is mine to feel, it simmers and shapes, teaches and guides. My journey, without recognizing pain,  all of this, no change, growth, no sense of wisdom shall follow.

PAIN is necessary for the gift of JOY.  

JOY does not simply HAPPEN. It must be learned, felt, practiced. Life includes pain. What one decides to do with it, that is one’s choice. JOY truly a gift. Perhaps pain is as well. 

One should not fear pain nor allow others to dictate what to do with it. It is ours and ours alone to do with it what we want. It is part of our human experience. Learn from it. I am discovering beautiful things through pain and sorrow. And from these discoveries, I sense myself becoming more whole. It is an evolution, pain and I. She grows more comfortable within because I am open to her; my yearning, desire to change, more powerful than once thought, can not continue without embracing her.

Loss has a way of kicking one in the ass. Big time. My loss is my gain. I’m living it. My glass runneth over. And at the end of the day, final view, always half-full, indeed. 


About Carin

Writing is for me, though sharing with others, is a gift.

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