Changing Radio Stations

Why be proud of one who chooses divorce. It’s not like it’s the most of noble of avenues, let alone easy and I’ve barely begun life as a divorced woman. Yet here I sit, another Starbucks, another blog post. Starbucks is easy. All you need is a lot of $$ for overpriced beverages. Writing, while it would seem a cinch for one who loves written language, its uses far more effective than audible speaking much of the time – takes a back seat most days.

So tonight a pledge to moi:

This girl will dedicate herself to writing at least a few blog posts each week. With exception of motherhood and evidently, divorce, commitment not my forte, no exact number necessary, rather several, far more elusive and less committal. Could mean two, could mean six posts. No matter….point is: just write, woman, write!

CHANGE – the operative word this week. Months after much turmoil, flux, indecision, wavering, tears, anger, pain, apathy, he’s gone. Well, only a mile, though far away enough I’ve already felt its effects. Simple things….like a radio, for example. He took the radio, a staple in our shared bathroom for as long as I can remember. Different radios through the years, same station. Not adverse to news in the least, a junkie, he first listened to AM news, traffic reports blaring every six minutes and later, much later, eventually graduating to public radio. Not sure when this shift occurred, just that news in general was always standard fare in our morning ritual of shaving, soaping and brushing. Thus, today, this morning, different radio, different radio station. Only this radio is not bound to news at all. This radio favors variety. Don’t care for a song by The Pretenders, no problem. Hit button, listen to Incubus. After that, admit it, even at your age, some of those hip-hop tunes are kinda cool. Not to mention how you forgot how much you enjoy jazz and a great taste of Beethoven every now and then. Go for it. Listen to music, talk radio, news….change it up a bit. After all, it’s your radio show now.


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Writing is for me, though sharing with others, is a gift.

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